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About PTO Fighting Grip

The obvious place to start was to address the current situation and solve the issues.

  • Back and shoulder fatigue from poor posture that’s inherent with all current Big Game fishing rods.
  • Forearm fatigue from gripping the rod in an attempt to maintain positioning in the gimbal or fighting belt and to help control the canting of the reel.
  • Ineffective or limited ability to guide line properly onto the reel while fighting the fish.

Obvious to the experienced angler are that poor posture and body fatigue leads to poor rod control, lost fish or broken rods. Poor rod control is common among many anglers because most don’t have the knowledge that comes from years of experience or become tired during the fight. Many are novices on guided charters but many are also experienced anglers on their private sport fishing boats with friends and family.

One look and feel of the Pro Tek Offshore “Fighting Grip” will speak for its self. We have replaced the first 22 inches of the blade that serves as little more than a grip and gunwale protector and turned that portion of the rod into a “Fighting Grip” like no other system in the World. Our Patent Pending technology isn’t here to compete with current rod butt or blade technology but to enhance the user experience. Our technology can be used with any of today’s more popular rod butts and blades available on the market.

The first thing you will notice is the ergonomic angle of the main power grip area. This angle is 22.5 degrees. You’ll also notice our Patent Pending “Power Flex Joint” (PFJ) and our Patent Pending “Torsion Control System” (TCS). The combination of the 22.5 degree grip and the 22.5 degree adjustable “Power Flex Joint” gives the angler an adjusted grip angle of 45 degrees if needed. This feature all but eliminates high sticking and the problems that ensue thereafter.

All you have to do is go on YouTube to witness even the most experienced of anglers making this common mistake time and time again. It’s a natural instinct for humans to pull to the point of least resistance. That point is basically vertical wherein the hand and body feel strongest and most comfortable. Therein lays one of the problems so common with Big Game fishing.

This is where the Pro Tek Offshore “Fighting Grip” changes the game for everyone.

  • Reduces bad posture
  • Allows your power hand to be in its strongest and most comfortable position during the fight.
  • Reduces the grip strength required to grip and pull the rod into the gimbal or fighting belt.
  • Reduces reel canting significantly.
  • Reduces thumb fatigue from guiding the line on to the reel.
  • The no-slip EVA grips allow for maximum control.
  • High speed roller guide and guard allows for controlled line travel while also offering the all too important clean out ports.
  • Precision Engineered and Machined from the highest grade materials available for maximum strength and minimal weight.
  • Colors can be customized to match your vessel.
  • Top cover plate can be custom laser engraved with your name, logo etc.
  • Every Pro Tek Offshore “Fighting Grip TM” comes with a specific serial number and a Lifetime Warranty.
  • Proudly made in the USA.

We invite you to join our team and experience 21st Century fishing at its finest. You will not only feel the difference and enjoy the fighting advantage but will also have the sleekest and best looking fishing system on the market!